Commercial Electrician

Commercial and industrial buildings are heavy consumers of electrical power. The amount of electricity needed requires heavy-duty wiring and components. At Key Electrical Construction, we are ready to handle all of your commercial and industrial repairs, replacements, upgrades, and installations.

Commercial New Construction Electrician Services in Portland OR

Commercial New Construction Electrician

The needs for experienced electrical contractor knowledge are evident from top to bottom in a business enterprise. At Key Electrical Construction, we will have your building completely wired and ready to go within a reasonable budget and timeframe.

Property Management Electrical Services in Portland OR

Property Management Electrical Maintenance

Property management entails tracking the proper care, repair, and replacement of numerous portions of a property. The electrical system is one part that should never get neglected. It can lead to hazards for tenants, guests, and lead to damage to the buildings from fires.

Commercial Electrical Renovations in Portland OR

Commercial Electrical Renovations

You need commercial electrical experts on your team to ensure all work is done right from the beginning. At Key Electrical Construction, our fully trained and certified journeyman electricians offer the real-life experience needed to see your project through to complete success.

Key Electrical Construction Inc provides expert procurement management services in Portland OR.

Commercial Procurement Management

If you’re building or renovating your commercial space, your electrical system needs to be handled by professionals. Our commercial electrical projects are successful because we handle procurement management ourselves.

Commercial Electrical Renovations in Portland OR

Commercial Lighting Installation Electrician

Interior lighting in a commercial building is important for safety, security, and being able to see to get work done adequately. Our commercial electrical lighting electricians will recommend the best types of lighting for every need.

When to Hire a Commercial Electrician

Commercial electricians are experts in planning, designing, installing, replacing, or repairing any wiring and the electrical components for new and existing commercial buildings. It is vital to have the right information and work performed to meet the stricter codes and regulations demanded of business and industry. Commercial electricians are also invaluable to helping establish power to devices that provide safety, security, and temperature comfort to employees and customers.

When Do You Need a Commercial Electrical Contractor?

Anytime you have pending electrical work that requires permits and has to follow specific codes; you need to hire a commercial electrical contractor. We provide commercial electricians that are licensed, insured, and bonded, with experience in all phases of commercial building electrical needs. Our electricians will work hard to resolve even the toughest electrical problems. No project is too small or large for our commercial experts. You can feel confident that all work is done to satisfy local codes and will perform better than expected.

When Do You Need an Industrial Electrical Contractor?

The layout and electrical needs of an industrial enterprise can differ greatly than typical commercial buildings. You need the services of our industrial electricians to plan and design the most effective way to ensure you have the power needed throughout the building to keep the business going. Extra planning is often required to establish the wiring required to accommodate large equipment, more massive HVAC units, and an extensive lighting system. Your input is included throughout the project to make sure every concern is addressed and leaves no lingering problem. All details down to automatic locking doors and security cameras are handled quickly.

Inspections for Repairs and Commercial Electrical Upgrades

Our commercial electricians are trained to look over the entire electrical system of your existing buildings and troubleshoot problems or detect problems before they lead to power failures. We can recommend the system upgrades you need to keep your electrical supply healthy and continuous. We give an estimate of cost and time it will take to get the job done.

Contact us at Key Electrical Construction and schedule a visit to discuss your Portland, OR metro area commercial electrical needs today!