Property Management Electrical Maintenance and Repairs

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Property Management Electrical Maintenance at Key Electrical Construction, Inc in Portland OR and Hillsboro OR.Property management entails tracking the proper care, repair, and replacement of numerous portions of a property. The electrical system is one part that should never get neglected. It can lead to hazards for tenants, guests, and lead to damage to the buildings from fires. At Key Electrical Construction, we can provide an immediate remedy of an existing problem or look at every component of your system to determine if things are operating as they should.

Why Good Property Management Includes the Condition of Tenant Electrical Systems

Keeping the electrical wiring, outlets, switches, breaker panels, light fixtures, and other electrical components in good condition is vital in rental and lease situations. Homes, apartments, and all other rental spaces come with an expectation that access to electricity is safe and dependable. By performing routine maintenance and repairs, you can

  • Reduce fire hazards
  • Reduce electrocution hazards
  • Maintain buildings to code
  • Experience fewer power failures
  • Keep property secure
  • Reduce liability for falls or tripping injuries
  • Eliminate tenant complaints

What Property Management Electrical Maintenance Services are Available?

Many contemporary properties have gone to all electric with appliances, water heaters, heat, and air conditioning. It places a heavy load on the wiring and breaker system. Your electrical system should undergo periodic inspection for existing and potential problems that are fixable right away. We can

  • Repair and upgrade service panels
  • Replace faulty wiring
  • Add 220 plugs for appliances
  • Change loose and non-working outlets and switches
  • Add, move, or repair light fixtures
  • Add or improve outdoor lighting
  • Add security lights and entryway lighting
  • Install power to HVAC units and electric water heaters, and more

Complete Property Management Electrical Maintenance Services

It is normal to pick up the phone and call an electrician when experiencing a problem but having a dedicated electrical contractor that can provide the routine duties of maintaining the system will help prevent breakdowns. A complete assessment of the current electric demand and compatibility of your electrical components and wiring can save headaches and potential property damage. You can feel confident that your entire property is up to code and operating safely.

Why You Need an Experienced Tenant Improvement Electrician

An electrician familiar with tenant improvement will know how to check the detailed areas that can cause harm to tenants or jeopardize the property from unexpected electrical fires. Our electricians are experts in all phases of commercial building inspecting and will recommend the changes you need and provide an affordable solution. We can help you reduce your energy costs with improved lighting techniques and fixtures. Dependable lighting and electrical sources will keep your tenants happy.

Our Electrical Contractor Services are offered at a competitive rate and only provide the best in quality. Customer service and safety are our top priorities. Contact Key Electrical Construction Inc today to schedule Property Management electrical maintenance services.

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