Residential New Construction Electrician and Electrical Contracting Services

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Residential New Construction Electrician at Key Electrical Construction, Inc in Portland OR and Hillsboro OR.Hiring a Residential New Construction Electrician for your new home build at the start is the best way to make sure to meet all your electrical needs. At Key Electrical Construction Inc, we offer a host of services that create electrical design planning that works on a technical basis and fits your budget.

What services does a residential new construction electrician offer?

Electrical contractors are the experts you need on your new home construction team to provide the design for the electrical system. We will analyze your wants and needs and develop a workable plan to fit your budget. Electricians can:

  • Design customized electrical plans
  • Analyze if current plans will work for your expected electrical needs
  • Wire the home from top to bottom
  • Add breaker boxes and panels
  • Install 220 outlets for appliances
  • Install custom lighting
  • Plan and install outdoor lighting and security
  • Incorporate surge protection
  • Add solar power, and more

Can I choose a new home electrician that is a Journeyman electrician?

It is possible to have a journeyman electrician providing your electrical design and installations. Journeymen electrician have worked under the supervision of other Journeymen or a Master electrician for three to five years before working unsupervised. You will get the same high-quality results in a reasonable time.

New Home Electrical Wiring and Meeting Codes, Budget, and Project Deadlines

Codes are in place that govern the quality of electrical contractor work to ensure your safety and that the electrical system will work correctly. We make sure all work meets or exceeds these requirements. Our goal is to provide all of the electrical services you need within your expected budget and within the timeframe of project completion.

Our Electrical Contractor Services are offered at a competitive rate and only provide the best in quality. Customer service and safety are our top priorities. Contact Key Electrical Construction Inc today to schedule Residential new construction services.

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