Residential Electrician Services

Electricity is a vital form of energy that every modern home needs working properly to function. Nearly every house is chock full of electronic devices, needed appliances, and the ability to turn on light at any time of the day or night. Breakdowns in the supply of electricity in the home require the services of a licensed, expert  Residential electrician.

Electrical Outlet Installation Services in Portland OR

Electrical Outlet Installation

Older buildings and homes are often stingy when it comes to electrical outlets, lighting sources, and switches. Our electricians can upgrade the outlets and switches you have, or add new ones to suit your particular needs.

Residential New Construction Electrical Services in Portland OR

Residential New Construction Electrician

Electrical contractors are the experts you need on your new construction team to provide the design for the electrical system in your new home. We will analyze your wants and needs and develop a workable plan to fit your budget.

Residential rewiring electrical services in Portland OR

Home Rewiring Electrician

The complete rewiring of a home can seem like a monumental task. Here at Key Electrical Construction, we simplify the process by creating the perfect upgrade design and having our skilled electricians complete the work fast.

Lighting Installation Electrician in Portland OR

Lighting Installation Electrician

One of the best and least expensive improvement projects you can do for your home is a lighting installation upgrade. At Key Electrical Construction, we value having the ability to help you see better and save money with contemporary lighting fixtures.

Home Remodeling Electrician Services in Portland OR

Home Remodeling Electrician

Having parts of your house renovated nearly always requires updates or upgrades to the existing electrical components. You need the expertise of an electrician that understands what is necessary to provide the electrical power you need for the entire home.

Accessory Dwelling Unit Electrician in Portland OR

Accessory Dwelling Unit Electrician

Guest homes, mother-in-law suites, pool houses, and other detached dwellings need as much attention to the electrical system as your main home. An electrician can perform all of the same duties to keep the electric in good working condition.

Service Panel Upgrade Electrician Services in Portland OR

Service Panel Upgrades

Deciding to get an upgrade to your service panel is a very individual thing, but there are times you should seriously consider it to reduce fire hazards and make it more enjoyable to have electric power without the breakers continually kicking.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation Services | Key Electrical Construction Inc in Portland OR

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation

An electric car is convenient unless you suffer from difficulties of finding a way to keep them powered. Having a dedicated plug for the vehicle at the house would be ideal. It could charge while you rest from the day and wake up to a car that is ready to hit the road.

Key Electrical Construction Inc provides hot tub wiring installation and repair in the Portland OR Metro Area.

Hot Tub Wiring

A new hot tub is an exciting addition to any backyard, but hot tubs require special electrical wiring. Key Electrical Construction Inc has the expertise necessary to install your hot tub wiring expertly. We’ll have you enjoying that new hot tub in no time!

Key Electrical Construction Inc provides expert arena lighting installation in Portland OR metro area.

Arena Lighting

Outdoor and indoor arena lighting, especially with high-powered lights, can be complex. It’s important to hire an experience electrician who can custom-design your indoor or outdoor lighting systems, whether it’s for a horse barn or an indoor soccer field!

Key Electrical Construction provides expert outdoor lighting contractor services in Portland OR.

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting for the back or front of your house is one of the easiest ways to upgrade the experience of your home. Whether you’re lighting for security or aesthetics, Key Electrical is here for you with a custom-design. Light up your world with outdoor lighting!

Key Electrical Construction Inc provides smart home installation services in the Portland OR Metro Area.

Smart Home Installation

The variety of smart home service options is growing daily, and choosing the specific elements can be overwhelming! Key Electrical Construction Inc can develop your own personal plan for smart home success, picking and choosing specific elements to enhance your home.

What Types of Electrical Services Are Available From A Residential Electrician?

Electricians that work with residential properties should have the experience to handle every type of repair, replacement, or new installation of electrical wiring and components. Our electricians bring extensive expertise to every project and make customer satisfaction the goal. We offer


  • Electrical repairs
  • Wiring and electrical component replacement
  • Complete wiring and rewiring
  • New lighting fixtures
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Remodeling and addition electrical work
  • 220 outlet additions
  • Built-in surge protection
  • Breaker boxes and panels
  • Outlets and switches, and more

Why You Need a Home Electrician for Many Remodeling Jobs

There are few areas of your home that do not involve some level of electrical use. It could be a few wires, outlets and light switches or a more intensive wiring network that run through areas like the kitchen. Either way, you want to have someone qualified in electrical wiring change or move the existing wires. Our Residential electrician can recommend any necessary upgrades to your breaker system when the changes will increase the power demands to the home.

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Electrical Work

Working with electricity can prove dangerous. It is easy to get electrocuted if you are not knowledgeable in electrical wiring. Electricians spend many years training and learning how to properly fix, replace, and install the network of wires and other components that ring power to homes and businesses. Faulty wiring and poor installation can lead to fires and serious injuries if not done by a licensed professional. It is better to be safe than save a few bucks.

How to Choose the Right Home Electrical Contractor

You should choose a home electrical contractor that is in your area in case there are any problems with the completed work. Find one that has experience with your electrical project and references to demonstrate satisfied customers. You should also consider affordability and whether they seem a good fit for the job. We offer top quality electrical repairs and installations at prices that are competitive throughout the state of Oregon.

Contact us at Key Electrical Construction and schedule an appointment to get an estimate for your electrical project today!