Electrical Outlet Installation and Upgrades

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Electrical Outlet Installation and Upgrades at Key Electrical Construction, Inc in Portland OR and Hillsboro OR

Trying to locate an open electrical outlet before your device goes dead and finding none available is frustrating. Older buildings and homes are often stingy when it comes to electrical outlets, lighting sources, and switches. It has evolved into an electronically driven world full of gadgets and the need for adequate lighting to operate these items at all times of the day or night. With expert electrical outlet installation services, we can upgrade the outlets and switches you have or add new ones to suit your needs.

Safe Electrical Outlet Installation

Homes and businesses are plugged into the electrical grid more than ever before. Smartphones, computers, tablets, televisions, appliances, and office equipment all require a live electrical outlet to plug in and charge or power for use. The skilled electricians here at Key Electrical Construction can add the outlets you need to accommodate the needs of you, your family, or business. All outlets are installed with safety and long-term performance in mind.

When to Consider Electrical Outlet Upgrades

You should consider electrical outlet upgrades for any that are old, worn, and broken. Outlets that are not in good working order can cause fire and electrocution risks. Understanding your electrical source needs will help determine if it would prove helpful to add outlets in rooms. Adding extra outlets will give every electronic item a home when it comes time to charge the device or need the outlet for a stationary electrical appliance. It increases the convenience and usability of your space.

Common Light Switch Problems

Have you noticed something different with your switches? Here are early warning signs that your switch may need to be replaced.

Popping or cracking sounds when flipping the switch – these sounds indicate live electricity arching inside the switch, which over time could cause a fire or other hazardous situations.

Switch plate is hot – plates often run warm, depending on the type of switch installed. But if the switch is clearly hot, it is a good indication that there are more serious issues going on like too high of voltage running through the switch, or problems with the wiring within the walls.

Delay with the light turning on  – a delay from when the switch is flipped on to when the light actually turns on, most likely the switch itself is worn, and needs replaced.

If you have experienced any of the above problems with your switches, contact Key Electrical Construction Inc right away for an estimate on replacing your electrical outlet.

New and Replacement Electrical Switches

Our electricians initially spot the existence of ground fault electrical circuits before any work begins. Testing of old switches is done to determine if they need replacing. We can add new electrical switches for both interior and exterior lighting fixtures. It provides more flexibility in lighting options for security or being able to see better inside your home or business. The process is fast, affordable, and done right.

Our Electrical Contractor Services are offered at a competitive rate and only provide the best in quality. Customer service and safety are our top priorities. Contact Key Electrical Construction Inc today to schedule electrical outlet installation and upgrade services.

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