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Home Remodeling Electrician at Key Electrical Construction, Inc in Portland OR and Hillsboro OR.At Key Electrical Construction, we provide electrical upgrade and installation that meets all requirements for code compliance and will perform to your expectations. Our years of expertise offers the skills necessary to quickly determine what your needs are to have a reliable, safe electrical system in your home.

Why You Need a Home Remodeling Electrician for Your Renovation Project

Having parts of your house renovated nearly always require some level of update or upgrade to the existing electrical components. You need the expertise of an electrician that understands what is necessary to provide the electrical power you need for lighting, appliance usage, and outlet source for the entire home.

Professional Electrical Upgrades of Wiring, Breaker Boxes, and Panels

Our expert electricians will inspect your electrical system and recommend the changes needed for your current home and what might need updating for additions and remodels. Older houses designed in the age before the myriad of electronics and smart appliances did not place a high demand on the electrical wiring and breaker system. We will help determine the upgrades you require and do all work up to the codes and regulations of the Portland area. It is essential to include an electrician in the early part of your planning to ensure it is one area that is not forgotten.

Keeping Your Electrical Home Improvements Within Budget

You should include the electrical work necessary for your renovation or addition project in your overall budget. Adding extra rooms, a garage, or powered outbuilding will place an additional load on your current electrical demands. Having the entire system analyzed by our electrician will assist your decision-making between what you want versus what you need. We can help determine if the budget for electrical home improvements is reasonable. Our goal is to bring you the electrical source you need at an affordable price. Get the electrical solutions you need to maximize your end-results.

Our Electrical Contractor Services are offered at a competitive rate and only provide the best in quality. Customer service and safety are our top priorities. Contact Key Electrical Construction Inc today to schedule home remodeling and electrical upgrade services.

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