Horse Barn Lighting

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Key Electrical Construction Inc provides horse barn lighting, LED barn lighting and horse stable lighting in Portland OR metro area.Whether you have a large barn or a small horse stable, adding outdoor lighting can help in a variety of ways. Taking care of horses is a full-time responsibility, and it doesn’t always happen in daylight! By installing lighting in barns or around your stable, you can ensure both you and your animals are taken care of and safe. Key Electrical Construction Inc has installed many different types of horse barn lighting, and we build custom-designed lighting plans!

Lighting in Barns

There’s nothing worse than a dark barn. You’re spooked, the horse is spooked, and a barn at night can present a variety of unseen and potentially dangerous obstacles! With well-placed lights, you won’t have to fumble in the dark for your phone or a flashlight.

Horse stable lighting can be installed in numerous ways, and if it’s installed correctly, these lighting fixtures can last for a very long time. By working with an experienced outdoor lighting technician, you’ll get a lighting plan designed specifically for your space and your needs. We can install fixtures and elements like:

  • Networked switches
  • Controlled dimming
  • Motion-triggered lights
  • Overhead lighting
  • Track lighting
  • Pathway lighting

Need some extra perks like outdoor stereo wiring, or security wiring? We can do that too! Key Electrical Construction Inc is a fully-licensed and experienced electrical contracting company, and we specialize in fully-integrated electrical systems.

LED Barn Lighting

LED lighting has developed a strong presence over the last few years, mostly due to the immediate cost savings and long-lasting capabilities of the product. LED fixtures are easy to install, and we can replace existing fixtures as well. Choosing to switch your lighting to LED barn lighting options offers benefits like:

  • Energy bill reductions of 40 percent and more
  • Increased clarity of color and details
  • Sharper focus from less intense light
  • Long-lasting fixtures and bulbs
  • Elimination of transformer hums of fluorescent lighting.

Professional Horse Stable Lighting

Effective outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be ugly, and it doesn’t have to be poorly-functioning. When a professional electrician installs your horse barn stable lighting, you should expect reliable, custom, and affordable solutions to light your barn and provide safety. Call Key Electrical Construction Inc today, and see what we can do for your horse barn!

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